Use as browser startpage

Did you know that you can use each CentralBoard as your browser startpage?

Prepare your dashboard

We recommend using the "Widescreen" aspect ratio for your dashboard to get the best experience and try to use different font sizes for several widgets to get a better overview. Tip: Use larger font sizes for more relevant widgets.

Set your dashboard as your browser Startpage

Each of your Dashboard has a unique URL. This URL will be set as your browser startpage

Step 1.

Open your dashboard list, and choose your board that is already configured, by pressing on "Edit".

Step 2.

Click on the "Private Dashboard Url*"-Button to open your board in a new tab.

Step 3.

Copy your private URL from the address field in your browser.

Step 4.

Set the URL as your startpage. Open the link for your Browser to get a detailed view of "How to set up a Startpage".

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