Your Startup Your Dashboard

Getting an overview about your startup isn’t easy, but you can use tools to make it much easier.
Centralboard is a dashboard service, that provides all tools you need to build your business dashboard.

no coding. click. drag. drop.

There’s a widget for that

Just drag and drop any widget from our library to your board and your dashboard updates instantly. Everyone can manage a CentralBoard. No developer needed.

just start. don’t waste.

Focus on your business, not on side projects

CentralBoard configuration takes less than ten minutes and is completely free. Do not waste your time and money on something that is not your core business.

Dashboard made for you

You decide how it looks

The only limits you have are set by the display that you used. Any screen can be used. Use CentralBoard as a browser homepage, conference room planner, or in the office.

CentralBoard Demos

Widget made for you

GitHub Actions

Track your last Github Action workflow runs.


View formatted data on your dashboard, like your registered users.

Google Analytics

Session, page views directly on your dashboard.

Simple Analytics

Never miss a visitor peak.

Product Hunt

Track our product and don't miss new products.

What means made for you

All your business figures at a glance

CentralBoard helps you keep track of your new customers, the status of your deployments, customer satisfaction figures, social media feedback, visitor numbers and much more
It helps you keep on track with your vision, global or sprint goals or other KPIs, that you strive to reach.

Everything you need and more

We offer all the widgets you need to display your news, key figures and more out of the box. You do not even need to setup a server or have design skills. CentralBoard grows with you. From a garage based startup with a single board to a big enterprise with hundreds of screens. Widgets can be reused across multiple boards and changes made to the configuration are reflected on the boards immediately.

Our benefits for you

Easy to use
No coding required
No hidden fees